Boeken, studies, documentaires en films.

Misunderstanding Cults: Searching for Objectivity in a Controversial Field. by Benjamin Zablocki and Thomas Robbins.

The Cult Phenomenon: How Groups Function. Mike Kropveld & Marie-Andrée Pelland

Brahma Kumaris a new religion?  By Reender Kranenborg University of Amsterdam.

Readings in the Study of New Religious Movements (Religious Studies and Philosophy) George D. Chryssides and Margaret Wilkins

Bounded Choice: True Believers and Charismatic Cults . Janja Lalich 

Women Under the Influence.   Janja Lalich.

Cartwheels in a Sari: A Memoir of Growing Up Cult. Jayanti Tamm.

Combatting Cult Mind Control: Guide to Protection, Rescue, and Recovery from Destructive Cults. By Stevan Hassan.

Freedom of Mind: Helping Loved Ones Leave Controlling People, Cults and Beliefs. Steven Hassan.

Coping with cult involvement: A handbook for families and friends. By Livia Bardin

Cult Proofing Your Kids. by Paul R. Martin

Cults in Our Midst. Margaret Thaler Singer

Easily Fooled: New Insights and Techniques for Resisting Manipulation. Bob Fellows.

Heresy of Mind Control. Stephen Martin.

Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion. Robert Cialdini.

Recovery From Cults: Help for Victims of Psychological and Spiritual Abuse.  by Michael Langone.

The Subtle Power of Spiritual Abuse: Recognizing and Escaping From Spiritual Manipulation and False Spiritual Authority. David Johnson & Jeff vanVonderen.

Thought Reform and the Psychology of Totalism. Robert J. Lifton, MD.

Meer boeken en studies ook in het Nederlands.



Dangerous devotion.The dark and dangerous world of cults has long been a source of both fascination and fear. What attracts followers to cults and, more importantly, what makes them stay?


jonestown-the-life-and-death-of-peoples-temple.thumbnailJonestown: The Life and Death of Peoples Temple. 

osho-talksOsho Talks


91KbZKpHIkL._SL1500_The Wave. 1981 – Based on the real experience of a high school class in Palo Alto, CA in April 1967, whose teacher wanted to explain the rise of the Nazi party to his students.

MV5BMTk4NDMxMjU4Ml5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTcwNDEwNDM0MQ@@._V1_SY317_CR51,0,214,317_AL_Ticket to heaven. 1981 about religious brainwashing.

 large_r8QigFdU3noIv2hcFwB2gc5xsIWGoing Clear Scientology and the prison of belief. 

‘Sektesignaal is een nieuwe voorziening die – op initiatief van de minister van Veiligheid en Justitie  per 30 november 2012 van start is gegaan om slachtoffers van misstanden binnen sekten op een laagdrempelige wijze te ondersteunen in een vertrouwelijk gesprek.’

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